Mini Holland - a clarification of our position

The Mini Holland scheme in Waltham Forest is primarily a local council matter, and we will expand further on our position in the run up to council elections in 2018. Nonetheless, it is a major development for our community. Walthamstow Lib Dems would therefore like to clarify our position, as endorsed by Parliamentary Candidate Ukonu Obasi, in the run up to the general election.

In line with the national party and Caroline Pidgeon, leader of the London Liberal Democrats, we are committed to building a people-centred and sustainable travel system. We will work to make walking and cycling easier, safer and more enjoyable. We are therefore eager to see initiatives such as Mini Holland succeed.

To truly succeed, Mini Holland must be seen as a success by the whole community. Unfortunately, some residents are unsatisfied with the process and its outcomes. We believe that listening to the concerns of these people - along with the opinions of those who are supportive of the scheme - is important in maximising the benefit for the whole of Walthamstow.

We intend to consult fully with the local population as part of a detailed analysis into the outcome of the Mini Holland scheme. We will learn which features have been most successful, and identify any unintended consequences. This work will be invaluable for future projects in Walthamstow and beyond, and will allow us to identify whether any side-effects can be mitigated without compromising the benefits of the scheme.

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  • commented 2017-06-21 12:28:19 +0100
    I am a disgruntled, former Labour Party member looking for someone to vote for in the forthcoming William Morris Ward by-election. Having read the above support for the lunatic road-closure fiasco, I realise that the local Lib Dems are as stupid as the rotten Council run, not by Labour, but by entryists from the Official Monster Raving Looney Bradley Wiggins Fan Club!
    I was a member of the Loberal Party (1974-76) and Labour (1976 till recently) and I really, really don’t want to vote Conservative disagreeing, as I do, with almost everything that Party stands for – and has ever stood for – however, the Tory candidate is the only one, of whom I am aware at the moment, who pledges to support ALL residents, and not just cyclists. If you suddenly get sensible and oppose the road closures I will happily vote Lib Dem, but not if you are ‘in bed’ with the “Only Cyclists Matter” nutters that currently run the Borough ‘for the few not the many’!
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    Mini Holland - a clarification of our position
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